Investing in ICO? Here is a checklist.

Investing in ICO? Here is a checklist.


Many ICOs are running in a crypto space right now and new investors or non-techie people often gets confused where to invest their hard earned money. Reason is simple, ICO is one of the fastest way of getting smart returns on your wealth, but on the other side you might loose your all the investments. So here is a checklist which help you to decide the good ICO to invest.

Product/Plan – what are they offering, pay attention to how the concept of ico whether it makes sense or not
Business Plan for After the ICO as many ICO’s lack this key element
Team – do they have a good and experienced developer, and marketing team
Social Media – how many outlets are they apart of
Check the website, read the white paper and access their business model and project aim.
Experienced Developers with transparency
Project if its good or does really have real life contribution
Funds are being escrowed
Support of the community
Realistic vision – not aiming too high or if they do not reach their target everyone who invested will be disappointed
Presence of ICO members on LinkedIn help users to see the experience of an individual (their past experiences and achievement.)
The company must have a road map, with a full financial plan.
The communications department of the project must work well – Shows they care, and they have invested time and money into making sure the average investor can ask questions

Many ICO’s are SCAM,and  its truth. The ICO which dont want to spend on marketing, social media, or dont like to answers users common questions are the companies which are here to rip the people money. These scammers dont even know the concept behind their ICO and what they are exactly doing, so these people prefer to hide from smart investors and never spend anything for their campaigns, their motive is fairly clear – scam the people.

Always look for above mentioned things on any ICO website and choose the best for your investment. We never recommend any specific ICO, after-all its your money and your decision.

Happy Investing.


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