An interview with David Shabun – CEO Spheris.

An interview with David Shabun – CEO Spheris.

About Spheris:
Spheris is grounded in the idea of decentralized application acquisition. An ecosystem where software developers have a direct gateway to reach new markets of consumers, with the ability to provide diverse ways of value exchange, securely and anonymously. Spheris aims to be the missing link between developers and consumers who are interested in purchasing or leasing software. Embracing decentralization will break the convention of having the need for third-party entities who collect fees on transactions. Removal of corporate entities, such as credit card companies and banks, becomes possible coincidentally with maintaining core interests of both developers and consumers.

The components that comprise the Spheris platform will give specific solutions to payment processing, software distribution platform and software storage. With a successful technical implementation of our ideas, we intend Spheris to become the modus operand in the decentralized software application payment processing market.

Q: Hi David thanks for your time for this interview, Tell us about yourself.
I’m working in the IT industry for many years now. I have experience with cloud infrastructure, distributed computing and security. I have been leading IT and development teams for the 10 years.

Q: Tell us more about your team! Do they all have background of crypto?
We have been interested in crypto since around 2011. Our core team’s background is completely technical. We all come from technology fields that complement each other to produce a project such as this. We all have the engineering and management skills to run and successfully deliver a quality product.

Q: What inspired you to do a crowdsale?
We saw a great opportunity to help people and eliminate the need in middlemen corporations, those who charge a large percent of the money flowing between the developers and their customers.
Decentralized applications can do exactly that, eliminate this need and solve a very crucial problem

Q: How did the idea of Spheris come about? Is this something you were doing before?
We thought about Spheris as a results of constant feedback from the developers and friends who complained about different aspects of application distribution or finding an application they needed at that moment. Each had his own problems, something we thought blockchain application would be able to solve.

Q: What is the cap for your crowdsale and how did you come to chose that number? What do you think of unlimited ICOs? How much money is too much money to be raised in a crowdsale?
There is a theoretical hard cap, but it is very high and it’s not something we plan to achieve. In practicality, such a system was set in place due to the following reasons,

  • We have a LaunchPad program to attract developers to our platform. This is extremely important for the health of Spheris ecosystem and adoption rates by users. This is also a mechanism that contributes to the value of SPRS. The more we raise, the more goes to LaunchPad. More resources means more developers much faster.
  • We want everyone who wishes to participate to have a chance. We want to avoid situations where a crowdsale ends after a few hours or a few days, while many people who were interested in contributing missed their chance.

Q: If you successfully raise enough funds with your crowdsale, where will your company be based?

Q: To what level of scrutiny do you feel ICO’s should be held to?
We think that regulation is need to filter scams in this area, we are not sure what level of regulation is needed. That remains to be seen in the next few years.

Q: Do you have a background in conducting due diligence on crowdfunded projects?
We have studied industry’s best practices, and are implementing these practices to ensure a high level of due diligence for our crowdsale.

Q: In addition to cybersecurity, what do you feel must be understood when performing due diligence on cryptoprojects?
Except for cyber security, we have legal due diligence as well as the blockchain technology itself that must be understood when performing due diligence on crypto projects.

Q: What is your “bird’s eye view” of the blockchain industry as a whole. From what you’ve seen, what aspects of token crowdsales could be improved?
The industry should try to be as transparent as possible, something which unfortunately doesn’t happen with many projects. Crowdfunding implies transparency.

Q: You’re clearly very passionate about the crypto space! Which projects are the most exciting to you?
There are two projects that we think are the most exciting at the moment in the crypto space:
First is Ethereum and second is Spheris.

Q: What kind of blockchain projects would you like to see in the future?
In the last few years, we are seeing many protocol-based blockchain projects – so that’s exciting. What we would like to see is much more dapps in this space, many of the projects are trying to develop protocols and custom blockchains, many solve the same problems, there is almost no differences between them.

If we want blockchain technology to change our reality for the better, we must bring it closer to mass adoption. This can be done with decentralized applications, applications that can solve real problems, remove unneeded elements from the equation and solve many important social issues and inefficiencies.

Q: What current proof of concepts has Spheris completed? What projects are in the pipeline?
We have recently released a pre-alpha version software of two of our main platform components: Catalog and Browser. We also have a fairly detailed overview of our technology and architecture in our whitepaper, as well as in our project roadmap.

Q: What’s in the future for Spheris?
We see our platform as a serious competitor to traditional app stores in a few years’ time. Developers will prefer to publish and distribute their apps using our platform because of the absence of fees, instant payments, flexibility and of course the philosophy of decentralization. Users would rather pay for apps using Spheris tokens, without the need for credit card companies or banks.

Q: Have you talked with any exchanges about their interested in enabling trading of your Spheris tokens?
We received a positive feedback from HitBTC and we will list SPRS there – given successful crowdsale. We also plan to list our token on EtherDelta shortly after a successful sale. Eventually, we will be listed on larger exchanges as well, although this might take a bit longer due to an elaborate review process.

Thank you for the interview.

ICO name: Spheris
ICO starts on: September 19th, 2017
ICO ends on: October 19th, 2017
Total # of coins: 2 Trillion
Official Website:
ICO Website:
Official Facebook:
Official Twitter:
Official Telegram:


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