An Interview with German Stogniiev CEO Of Coindrive.

An Interview with German Stogniiev CEO Of Coindrive.

Q: Hi German, Tell us about yourself
I have a marketing background but in IT for 5 yearas already, during this time i was in charge of several product releases and built a good software development company – Ideasoft. I’ve started with Crypto 2 years ago and achieved good results, now our company has blockchain development department. But we started CoinDrive before it happened. CoinDrive has started about 2 years ago. Tell us more about your team!

Q: Tell us more about your team! Do they all have a background of crypto?
We have a team covering a full stack of our needs, Andrii lazorenco is well experienced in project management and there are some great companies whos product he managed. Vlad Polikarpos is an outstanding blockchain developer and has over 5 years experience, All other team members are well-known guys from different industries investing finance and Trade. Regarding Crypto Trade and Ingame market, we are also advised by leading companies in industry aka Guild walls and Icon Soft

Q: What inspired you to do an ICO?
ICO is a community-driven investment tool, and the main idea behind running an ICO is not to get as much investment as possible but to build a community around our solution.

Q: How did the idea of CoinDrive come about? Is this something you were doing before?
As I mentioned b4 Coindrive started 2 years ago on Hackathon in Kharkiv ( Ukraine) Basic idea was to create a PAMM wallet transparent and secure to manage crypto assets of a group or some union. After beta test which was about 100 000 users we decided to change system a bit focusing on in-game items

Q: What is the cap for your ICO and how did you come to chose that number? What do you think of unlimited ICO’s? How much money is too much money to be raised in an ICO?
The Bottom Cap for ICO is 6 mln and we have a separate strategy for an average of 12 and high cap of 18 mln. I don’t like unlimited ICOs company is to produce a limited amount of value and have limited growth potential, the market is the limit, so when startup comes to the market going to take it ower in 1 year it is nonsense and investing more than 10 mln is not always good.

Q: If you successfully crowd sell with your ICO, where will your company be based?
We are thinking about Switzerland or Singapore. Switzerland is ICO friendly and its laws will make our investors sure that they are safe with us. Singapore is same but it is more common for USA and Asia, so basically the majority of our potential investors will decide.

Q: To what level of scrutiny do you feel ICO’s should be held to?
SEC regulations, for now, is ok, and we are going to comply with it, but in the future, the rules to run ICO should be expanded and driven by community, not by organizations or governments.

Q: Do you have a background in conducting due diligence on crowdfunded projects?
Yes we were a partner on several Kick-starter campaigns and one of the best crowdfunding growth-hackers Eugeniy is in our team

Q: In addition to cyber-security, what do you feel must be understood when performing due diligence on cryptoprojects?
Technical risk evaluation, feedback on idea, community support

Q: What is your “bird’s eye view” of the blockchain industry as a whole. From what you’ve seen, what aspects of token crowdsales could be improved?
I believe blockchain to be world economy driver as money was for last 2000 years, we are living in the age of innovation and world is changing. Blockchain is giving us something money couldn’t ever give – trust through verification

Q: You’re clearly very passionate about the crypto space! Which projects are the most exciting to you?
You mean except CoinDrive? There is a great project from Norway FRIEND – first decentralized Personal Computer with nearly unlimited computing capacity, Smart lands from Ukraine- the guys are building a solution to help invest in small farms.

Q: What kind of blockchain projects would you like to see in the future?
First of all blockchain ID system internationally implemented, 2) personal banking and accounting system, insurance, and all docs to be smart contracts.

Q: What current proof of concepts has CoinDrive completed? What projects are in the pipeline?
We are getting a partnership with 5 biggest game services providers like steam and battlenet. Then we also connecting in-game chat where our chatbot could operate advising gamers on investment. Social media aka facebook twitter and woo-chat

Q: What’s in the future for CoinDrive?
When we complete all the scale for Coidrive we are going to expand functionality by tokenizing IP and any virtual values like obligations and other regulated values.

Q: Have you talked with any exchanges about their interested in enabling trading of your (ICO Name) tokens?
When we complete all the scale for Coidrive we are going to expand functionality by tokenizing IP and any virtual values like obligations and other regulated values.

Great, thank you German, I appreciate your time and I will be watching the crowd sale intently.

ICO name: CoinDrive

ICO starts on: 23.10.2017

ICO ends on:  06.11.2017

Total # of coins: 18 000 000 CDR

Official Website:

ICO Website:

Official Facebook:

Official Twitter:

Official Telegram:


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