An Interview with Mikhail Nazaruk of ICO Digmus

An Interview with Mikhail Nazaruk of ICO Digmus

Q: Hi Mikhail, Tell us about yourself

I have experience in IT project management, business process analysis, automation, optimization, workflow design, and business strategy, with multiple years of international audit engagements at KPMG.

Q: Tell us more about your team! Do they all have background of crypto?

Every individual member of our team has a number of projects under his belt. I.e. VictorPetrenkowas a CTO of Songsterr, I have a startup experience as well, Vasiliy was a developer and project manager in a number of NDA-protected projects and has extensive experience in blockchain technologies.

Q: What inspired you to do an ICO?

We saw a novel, decentralized, high-tech way of crowdfunding that allows early adopters to capitalize on project growth and we decided to use it as opposed to angel investment. The other reason is that venture capital is in short supply in Russia: that’s why you see so many Russian names in the ICO teams.

Q: How did the idea of Digmus come about? Is this something you were doing before?

Counterfeit goods account for up to 2.5% of world trade, which means that current methods of protection against forgeries are not very effective. After extensive consultation with manufacturers and suppliers, we are developing a system for storing and verifying information regarding authenticity for various products. So for us it’s not just a way to do good, but also a chance to save lives, if it comes for example to medicine or car parts. Also blockchain is an excellent technology to ensure the authenticity and reliability of data, and we thought like “where do people need that level of authenticity?” – In a fight against counterfeit forging. So here we are.

Q: What is the cap for your ICO and how did you come to choose that number? What do you think of unlimited ICO’s? How much money is too much money to be raised in an ICO?

We’ll have a softcap of $500k, a goal of $3mln and a hardcap of $10mln. And if it comes to unlimited ICOs: It’s risky to take part in but other than that it’s ok if the team is capable to use the money for project’s growth.

Our roadmap assumes that US$1 million is collected for the ICO. An amount less than this will significantly decrease the speed at which partners are attracted, as well as put the beta-version implementation date for blockchain and SAP integration behind schedule. While an amount over this will not significantly affect development speed, it will allow for more active system promotion, increasing the quantity of partners.

Q: If you successfully crowd sell with your ICO, where will your company be based?

We plan to incorporate in Singapore.Our development team will be distributed all around the globe, with a main office in Russia, and a network of representative offices in different countries of the world to work with local business.

Q: To what level of scrutiny do you feel ICO’s should be held to?

We think that’s ultimately for the market to decide. It’ll regulate itself soon enough: we’re seeing a lot of recent projects to help with that.

Q: Do you have a background in conducting due diligence on crowdfunded projects?

We do. We’ve got two former auditors for CEO and our tech guys are good at white/yellow papers and code base analysis.

Q: In addition to cybersecurity, what do you feel must be understood when performing due diligence on cryptoprojects?

Most importantly, you should have faith in the project. If you think it’s not going to fly, just skip it. Other than that, we use a 4T rule: check the team, tech, token and terms. You must confirm identity and participation of key team members and advisers, understand the tech, token should be useful and limited in supply, terms and conditions must be clear.

Q: What is your “bird’s eye view” of the blockchain industry as a whole. From what you’ve seen, what aspects of token crowdsales could be improved?

The blockchain technology tends to immensely benefit financial transactions that take place in the businesses around the world by providing anonymity, openness, and efficiency by leveraging the capabilities of the Internet era.

The main aspect that needs improvement is a transparency during the identity confirmation. There should be another tool, not just social networks.

Q: You’re clearly very passionate about the crypto space! Which projects are the most exciting to you?

Among the most interesting ones I can clearly name EOS, Polkadot, Civic, Golem, Tezos

Q: What kind of blockchain projects would you like to see in the future?

Multiple blockchainintegration projects – there’s a lot of value in ability to use Civic’s digital identity in smart contracts, for example. Distributed autonomous self-regulated communities on blockchain. Steemit and Golos are just the start of it. Digital proofs of ownership of real-world items and intellectual properties like brands and trademarks, so we can integrate.

Q: What current proof of concepts has Digmuscompleted? What projects are in the pipeline?

We’ve got a prototype in the works that will be ready by the ICO start. Beta & first integration is scheduled for January.

Q: What’s in the future for Digmus?

2019: 100 partners use our system
2020: Number of partners using our system increases to 200. 4 million product units are registered in the system monthly. Blockchain is updated for better scaling
2021: 300 partners. 30 million product units being registered a month

Q: Have you talked with any exchanges about their interested in enabling trading of yourDigmus tokens?

The negotiations are in progress. As we plan it the trading will start immediately right after the ICO

Great, thank you Mikhail, I appreciate your time and I will be watching the crowd sale intently.

Thank you for the interview.

ICO name:Digmus

ICO starts on: TBA

ICO ends on: TBA

Total # of coins:10 000 000

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