An Interview with Marlon Williams, Founder and CEO of PodOne ICO

An Interview with Marlon Williams, Founder and CEO of PodOne ICO

Here is an Interview with Marlon Williams, Founder and CEO of PodOne

Q: Hi Marlon, Tell us about yourself
I manage the day-to-day operations at Fenero and PodOne. My expertise in contact center technology began during my tenure as a Software Developer for a large contact center based out of Miami, FL, where I was eventually tapped to lead all of the organization’s technology initiatives. This included application development, network and systems administration, and telecommunications. Prior to that, I was the President and CEO of Firstaid Software, a health information technology startup that was eventually sold to SmartMD.

I’ve served as Treasurer for the Miami-Dade County Public Schools S.T.E.M. Advisory Board; President of the South Florida Chapter of the Society for Information Management; and I’m a current Board Member for the South Florida Digital Alliance.

Q: Tell us more about your team! Do they all have background of crypto?
They all have a background in the call/contact center industry, which is much more relevant to the problem we’re trying to solve with PodOne! Just to give you an idea of some of the people that are on the team: our COO was previously a Global VP at Sykes, a $1.2B contact center business process outsourcer; our Chief Software Architect/CTO worked at Aspect Software for over 15 years, leading their interactive voice response (IVR) software development efforts; and our Customer Success Chief ran the helpdesk and onboarding at a very large contact center for years.

Q: What inspired you to do an ICO?
What eventually became PodOne was an idea we had at Fenero for a couple years. We just didn’t have the resources to remove from Fenero and focus entirely on the development of what we thought would be a revolutionary workforce management software. However, it was on our road map as a long term initiative for the organization. Since it depends heavily on compensation activities (when auctioning idle time, paying agents for handling calls, paying for creating or taking courses, etc), we thought the Blockchain was a perfect application for PodOne. Hence the ICO

Q: How did the idea of PodOne come about? Is this something you were doing before?
We’ve been in this industry for 15+ years – at first working in contact centers versus being a vendor of contact center technology. We know firsthand what the top challenges are in this industry: technology infrastructure and costs, labor, and customer experience issues. We have been addressing the technology infrastructure and costs issues with a high degree of success for the past 5 years. Now that’s stabilized and self sufficient, we are now focusing on addressing the labor challenges with PodOne.

Q: How did you come up with the name PodOne? Is there any meaning to it?
The concept is based on the fact that a “pod” is the name given to rooms in call centers. Inside these “Pods” are a set of workstations, aptly called “cubicles”, that stores the desk, chair, phone and computer (as well as some form of personalization from the person assigned to that workstation, such as family photos and sticky notes).

In larger call centers with multiple “pods”, these rooms can house anywhere from 5 agents to 100+ agents and are commonly labeled with letters and/or numbers, such as Pod 1, Pod 2, Pod A, Pod B, etc.
Since our product is designed to represent the first autonomous and decentralized contact center network of customer service representatives and agents, all working in a virtual “pod” to handle various customer interactions, we thought the name “PodOne” was more than appropriate. We also thought that “Qubicles” (with a token symbol of “QBE”) should represent the tokens used on the PodOne network to facilitate financial transactions. The symbol “QBE” is pronounced “Cube”.

Q: What is the cap for your ICO and how did you come to chose that number? What do you think of unlimited ICO’s?
The cap for our ICO is 45,000 ETH. We came up with that number after looking at what our competitors are raising using traditional capital investment / venture firms. That number gets us in the same ball park as these organizations and will help give us a better chance at acquiring all the resources needed to get PodOne launched.

The ICO craze that’s happening now is bananas. My personal perspective on what’s going on is there are way too many offerings lacking substance and solving real world problems. The side affect of this is increased attention on the plethora of ongoing ICO activity versus the quality of the participants. It’s
easy to get lost in the craze.

Q: If you successfully crowd sell with your ICO, where will your company be based?
We are currently based in Miami, FL, USA and will continue to be based here.

Q: To what level of scrutiny do you feel ICO’s should be held to?
I think the recent announcements from the SEC in the United States regarding the classification of tokens as a financial security versus being a utility in a network is a good approach. As long as a token is serving as a utility that aides in the usage of its network, it should be free from further regulation or scrutiny. We particularly appreciate the work that’s being done with Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT), which is why we’ve adopted it for the PodOne ICO.

Q: In addition to cybersecurity, what do you feel must be understood when performing due diligence on cryptoprojects?
Due diligence must include an exhaustive review of the company (if one exists) and the team behind the project. This is the #1 area that must be free from ambiguity and concerns. Secondly, having an understanding of the industry, the problem being solved, and how the proposed solution solves it is of the utmost importance.

Q: What is your “bird’s eye view” of the blockchain industry as a whole?
The technology itself has the ability to usher in the next generation of solutions to problems, some of which we haven’t thought about or even know exists. The industry has garnered support from small to large organizations, private to public companies, and hobbyists alike – the prospects of the future are bright! It’s very exciting and humbling for us to be able to participate in the web’s third wave of innovation.

Q: You’re clearly very passionate about the crypto space! Which projects are the most exciting to you?
There are several interesting projects out there, but I’ll just mention a couple of my favorites. I particularly like what the team over at Brave Software is trying to do with BAT. Ripple is also often overlooked, in my humble opinion, but is doing some great work for business-to-business (B2B) financial transaction management. There are many in the ‘debit card’ space that I think are key to helping crypto currency applicable for mainstream daily use.

Q: What kind of blockchain projects would you like to see in the future?
I’ll share the industries I think are ripe for blockchain-based innovation outside of the most obvious financial applications: real estate, health care, and arts / entertainment.

Q: What’s in the future for PodOne?
We’re focused on the intra-network sharing of human resources for the contact center industry, but would like to expand to other industries that are heavily dependent on other enterprise software.

Q: Have you talked with any exchanges about their interested in enabling trading of your PodOne tokens?
Not yet. We will be having these discussions soon.
Great, thank you Marlon, I appreciate your time and I will be watching the crowd sale intently.

ICO name: PodOne
Pre-sale starts: November 8, 2017 8:00AM
Pre-sale ends: November 21, 2017 8:00AM
ICO starts on: December 8, 2017 8:00AM
ICO ends on: January 8, 2017 8:00AM
Total # of coins: 100,000,000
Official Website:
Official Facebook:
Official Twitter:
Official Telegram:
Official Medium:


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