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Hello ICO Owners,

Complete ICO promotion package,

We provide a complete package, your interview as well as other news posting , your advertisement on my website for 1 month, posting on a Facebook with more than 150,000 real people. ¬†We have adopted little bit different approach as we interview the ICO CEO’s and then post their interviews to the readers around the social media.

You can post as many news article on my website (https://www.TheInvestZone.com) for a month and i will post that on Facebook with confirm reach more than 350,000 real people . The Facebook groups, are moderated closed groups so no spamming is allowed there.

Also we have some telegram groups and channels too, but i will not charge for it. It’s free with the package as we all know that telegram groups has many fake as well as repeating users.The mentioned services will definitely boost your reach for investors as well as interview help your ICO to standout from the other ICOs in the market currently.

In addition to that, my team will write 1 article about your token sales after the interview gets published. The token sales post will be totally separate from interview and this will help readers to get more information about the ICO token sales.

Here is a list of Facebook Crypto groups,

Ethereum 83,000+ members

Bitcoin 83,000+ members

ICO, Funding, Angels, Seeds, Investors 73,000+ Memebers

Bitcoin Investment 39,000+ Members

Cryptocurrency Investing 30,000+ Memebers

Crypto and ICO investments 15,000+ Memebers

Cryptocurrency investing 9,800+ members

ICO, crowdfunding & crowdinvesting 9,500+ Memebers

Crypto Advertising 7,000+ Memebers

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Token 4,500+ members

ICO Token Crowdsales Crowdfunding 3,100+ Members

We are committed to provide best practices in industry with top quality services which will benefit your business to grow in organic manner.

We are excited to hear from you about our overall services. Please feel free to write us back. Please feel free to write us at cryptotools101@gmail.com

Team ITZ

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