Here is an Interview with Marlon Williams, Founder and CEO of PodOne Q: Hi Marlon, Tell us about yourself I manage the day-to-day operations at Fenero and PodOne. My expertise in contact center technology began during my tenure as a Software Developer for a large contact center based out of Miami, FL, where I was eventually
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An Interview with Dmitrij of Covesting ICO

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Covesting is a cryptocurrency backed start up which has created a platform for blockchain-backed cryptocurrency trading platform for every investor. The investors can grow their assets and make profit by copying the trades of the renowned traders on the network. Using Smart Contracts, this is done automatically. Covesting brings copy trading model to the cryptocurrency
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Q: Hi Pavel , Tell us about yourself A: Hi, my name is Pavel Shkliaev. Iamaleader. About me they say that I know how to infect with the idea and inspire people. So I did all my projects in this manner infected and inspired. I have created a company in Russia and was able to
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